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Music Roo allows you to promote, sell, and stream your music to a worldwide audience.

what we do

Music Roo empowers you as an independent artist and provides state of the art online tools in order for you to promote, sell, and stream your music to a worldwide audience.

The Music Roo platform possesses the capabilities to publish music, video, and movie content to worldwide audiences by utilizing advanced technology and smart devices in a peer to peer decentralized environment.

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Artists can earn revenue for downloads and streams immediately through the Music Roo platform. Retaining 100% of the creative, mechanical, distribution, publishing, and IP rights, artist rewards have never been better.

In as little as 72 hours, artists can promote their music to a worldwide audience for downloading and/or streaming. With multiple online stores, streaming services, and music catalogs; getting your material out to a global audience. With Music Roo gaining global recognition could not be easier.

Artists maintain 100% ownership of their IP and artist content, including up to 80% of your royalties. The Music Roo packages have been designed with the artist's needs in mind, offering flexibility based on whether that may be distributing a new single on the Artist Platform, or distributing an album across all the major streaming and downloading services.

Artist Platform

Music Roo creates tailored, unique artist platforms, which become the hive of activity for purchasing, streaming, and promoting the artist’s music, ultimately helping drive the artist’s global reach and success.


Artists receive a payment every 30 days, coupled with transparent reporting, sales and streams are easy to control, track and check, making life even easier for the artists.


Music Roo incorporates A.i voice recognition capabilities for services such as Siri, Shazam, Cortana, and Alexa. This enables tagged content download for consumers directly to their devices from Music Roo and/or the artist platform.