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Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution basics

Music Roo digitally distributes Music content to all of the major digital retail stores and streaming services. From iTunes to Spotify, we give Artists the ability to achieve global reach, without the need of a traditional label. 



Artists can earn revenue for downloads immediately through the Music Roo platform. Artists retain 100% of the creative, mechanical, distribution, publishing, and IP rights, artist rewards have never been better.

In as little as 72 hours, artists can promote their music to a worldwide audience for downloading and streaming with multiple online stores, streaming services, and music catalogs, getting your material out to a global audience.


we distribute

​You can pick for your music to appear in any or all of the following stores and streaming services:

These stores cover the vast majority of music purchases. We feel that adding a lot of smaller online stores only adds complication, without adding any significant amount of additional buyers.