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Getting Started

Note: We cannot Distribute and content or begin development on an artist platform without all of the required information.


Upload Content

Once you select your Artist Tier, you are directed to a corresponding Artist Form for each tier. This form will provide us with all of the necessary information and files that are required to distribute your music or build your Artist Platform. Click below for a complete list of the required information.



Select Your Artist Tier

Music Roo has multiple Artist Tiers to cater to your exact needs. Whether you are distributing a Single, or looking to have a full Artist Platform with a new album release. Click Below to view wich Artist Tier is right for you.


Create An Account

The first step is to create a Music Roo Artist account. The account will give you access to the Artist Portal, where you can then upload your content for distribution, as well as the required artwork for an Artist Platform.


Plan Your Release


Once we receive all of the required content, just select the release date and let us do the work. When choosing your release date, it is essential to take into account the industry standard lead times for various streaming services and online stores. As a general guide, we recommend selecting a date at least four weeks in advance. Click below for a complete list of estimated lead times for both music distribution and Artist Platform development.


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For more information please check out our frequently asked question section.