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Lead Times

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Digital Distribution Lead Times

Music Roo sends your music to stores within 1-3 business day upon receiving your content. The stores vary in how long they take to make it live. If it's important that your album go live on a specific date, you can select specific release date that is at least 4 weeks out. Otherwise, by default, your release will go live according to the rough schedule below. iTunes- 1-3 days. A very small percentage of albums go through a manual review at Apple which can take an additional 1-3 days. Albums that are selected for manual review are chosen at iTunes discretion.

Amazon: About 2-3 days

Google Play: About a day.

Spotify: 1-3 days.

Deezer: About 1-2 days.

YouTube Music: About 1-3 days.
Pandora has their own in-house review process to curate content, so we are not able to provide too much info in regards to how long it might take releases to be added to Pandora stations (if they are). To be included in Pandora Premium (Pandora's rad streaming service.)

Bonus: For many stores (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, more) we will detect the moment your album goes live and send you an email with the link.

Holiday Season Delivery Schedule

If you plan on releasing music between November 22, 2020, and January 3, 2021, stores ask that you remember to check the following delivery deadlines. Release Date - Delivery Deadline
11/22/20 11/15/20 11/29/20 11/15/20 12/06/20 11/22/20 12/13/20 12/06/20 12/20/20 12/06/20 12/27/20 12/13/20 01/03/21 12/13/20
Music delivered after these deadlines may not be available on the desired release date.

Platform Lead Times

Artist Platforms Can take between 1-5 business days to be completed and go live. This includes the time for SEO tags to be indexed by google, as well as time for Domain DNS transfers or Domain purchases. It is important that all visual content and other digital collateral is prepared ahead of time and meets all of the qualifications and recommendations.