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What is the Artists Platform?

Music Roo creates a tailored, unique artist platform, which becomes the hive of activity for purchasing, streaming, and promoting the artist’s music, ultimately helping drive the artist’s global reach and success. The Artists platform is equipped with unlimited bandwidth to provide the best user experience.

Artists receive payment every 30 days for Digital downloads purchased directly from their Artist Platform. Coupled with transparent reporting, sales and streams are easy to control, track and check, making life even easier for the artists.


Music Roo incorporates A.i's voice recognition capabilities for services such as Siri, Shazam, Cortana, and Alexa. This enables tagged content download for consumers directly to their devices from Music Roo and/or the artist platform.

Artist Platform



Each artist is provided with a custom music player, which allows his or her fans to download, stream, or share music directly from the platform.


The artist’s music media player is integrated into his or her various social media accounts, allowing consumers to share and download content within the social media environment, in turn resulting in high conversion rates.


Artist lyrics can be published within the artist’s music player, enabling fans to experience more engagement and interaction with their favorite artists.

Artists can also showcase their music video content on the

Music Roo music platform through the video gallery. Their content can either be embedded within their respective artist platforms or linked from YouTube directly and major video services.


Artists are presented with a platform to display their promotional artwork to support their projects through the image gallery.

Linking visual content live from an artist’s social media account, such as Instagram is also possible, bringing more support aspects to an artist’s platform.

Platform Data

Each platform is integrated with an analytic dashboard. This tool gives insight into how your platform is performing globally with data insights that will aid in making marketing, touring, and music release decisions.